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A TEENAGER’S STORYangi putney bio

“God has a Plan!  I never realized what a wild ride that He was going to take me on…” says Angi.

Whether leading worship in churches in the Midwest, playing for conferences or at one of the nation’s largest Christian music festivals. Angi’s passion for sharing God’s love and hope for the hurt and the broken come through with every song. Her focus on creating an environment of worship allows all to share in the worship experience.

Angi has an ability to create music that allows us to step outside of the daily dealings of this world and focus on a message of love through a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  Angi shares “The world can be a cruel place…constantly judging and trying to define us, but we have to remember that Jesus went to the cross so that the mistakes in our lives would be events and not become our destiny”

Like most Christian artist’s, her journey started within the church. As a member of the children’s choir and singing at school events, she began to realize that it was something that she truly enjoyed and never wanted to end. As her childhood years turned into her teenage years, music became not only her passion, but also her refuge from the daily trials of being a teenager.  Angi explains, “I found myself writing and singing about life’s issues through the eyes of a teenager and how even in my darkest moments, God’s love and His gift of music in my life could bring joy back into my day”

At 16, she became a member of the worship team at Rock Point Church in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, where her love of leading fellow teenagers to realize the beauty of Jesus flourished and her dreams of a music ministry began to become a reality.  “I knew that God had a plan and that through prayer and reflection a pathway to use my music to help people find the answers to life’s questions would be revealed” shares Angi.

Three years later, a debut album “Everything” a Christmas EP “I Can’t Wait Christmas” and performing in front of thousands has Angi continuing her quest of finding out what God has planned for her next.

Inspired by great songwriters like Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, and Sara Groves, the lyrics capture Angi’s faith journey and how God has played a role in her life.  The uplifting vocals shine through on this praise and worship album as Angi engages listeners to worship with her on songs like “Hands to the Heavens” (written by Joel Hanson) and “He Never Ceases to Amaze Me”.  With songs on the album ranging from the upbeat and catchy “Who He Says I Am” to “Light of God” revealing Angi’s prayer that we all allow God’s light to shine through us everyday. The album is rounded out with the upbeat title track “Everything” delivering the message that we don’t have to deal with our burdens alone.

Angi’s Message…

”I hope that my songs touch a part of you to want to find those answers to life’s questions that may be troubling you and either begin your faith journey or deepen your faith journey”  

“Remember, the disciples were teenagers…if a group of teenagers led by Jesus can change the world, then what is stopping our generation…Come change the world with me”